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About Us

Extensive Hardwood Knowledge

Bison Timber Company specializes in sourcing and distributing the finest Tropical Hardwood Lumber Species grown around the world.  We have over 55 years of experience in the Hardwood Lumber, Log and Veneer business.  This allows us to remain a foremost resource for species ranging from the most Exotic and Rare to the more everyday commodity varietals.  Our products have been used all over the world,and we specialize in meeting the demands of the most discerning clients. 

We stock over 50 species of tropical hardwood lumber in thicknesses ranging from 1"-4". Our "special selections" include large table top slabs, burl rounds, and whole logs cut through and through.
We are also veneer suppliers. Specializing in exotic architectural grade species, as well as domestic species for furniture and panel production. We can supply Veneers to match many of our Lumber products.. 
We can also supply logs. With buyers in Africa, and North America, we're ready to source and ship to ports around the globe. 
This video represents our precision manufacturing capability. Here we are producing German White Oak for engineered flooring. This allows us to produce several thousand square feet of flooring from one tree, We can offer one log to fulfill one project 
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